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We ask you to observe the following rules while a guest in the park.

PARKING       One vehicle per lot. Other vehicles must be parked in designated parking area.

PARENTAL PRESENCE is required overnight on each lot.  Children must be supervised at all times and on their own lot by 10:00 p.m. (unless with parents).

NOISE  Enjoy yourself, but keep unnecessary noise levels down.  The Quiet Hours are 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. weekdays and 12 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on weekends.  Respect your neighbour and keep radio volume low

WATER SAFETY The swimming area is marked.  Boating is not allowed in this area.  When water skiing, you may take off from the end of the dock (straight out).

STORAGE SHEDS AND STRUCTURES Please clear your project with Bob or Billy before proceeding.  Do not use storage sheds as sleeping accommodations.  Any new sheds erected on the property can be made vinyl or steel design. Steel sheds must be maintained.

SPEED LIMIT Please observe the 20Km. speed limit for the safety of all.

PETS Your pet is welcome, but it is to be quiet, cleaned up after, leashed at all times when around trailers and cottages, exercised in the large open west field at the back and not allowed into the swimming area.

TAP WATER To be used for personal use only.  Please refrain from washing cars or trailers with tap water.

GARBAGE Please ensure your wet garbage is in plastic bags before placing in the dumpster.   See designated container for fire pit ashes. Place leaves in bags by the dumpster (not in).  Scrap metal near the back shed.  Please take all large items home for disposal. Any other types of disposal must be cleared with the management.  Maps to the local dump will be provided.  Remove all garbage from fire pits when leaving.

RECYCLABLES Please note the labels on blue boxes and deposit recyclables accordingly.  If you send children to the recycling center, please make sure they are aware of the labels and are able to reach containers.

OFF LIMITS Grave Yard, Storage Area, Garage, Workshops and Woodpile except when authorized.

WIRE COAT HANGERS Do not use around the camp fires as they create a hazard when grass cutting.

CLOTHES LINES To be used for towels and bathing suits only.

PRIVACY Kindly respect your neighbours’ privacy.  Please use the roadways to travel around the park and refrain from cutting through others’ lots-trailers, cottages and campsites.

This is private property and management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who is disruptive to our family environment.   We will terminate the camping permit of anyone who chooses not to adhere to the above rules and regulations.

We will not be responsible to anyone for accidents, injuries or the loss of valuables of any kind.

I understand the preceding rates, rules and stipulations and I agree to accept responsibility for my visitors and pets both monetarily and for their behaviour.  In addition, I accept responsibility for all government taxes and levies.